The English Department aims to provide a stimulating and successful grounding in English Language and Literature for pupils throughout the College, as well as inspiring a lifelong love of reading and language.


At Clifton College, we strive to balance creativity and analysis, encouraging our pupils to develop both their imagination and research skills, as well as promoting the discussion of ideas and opinions.

In the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms, pupils are set according to their abilities. Our students take CIE (Cambridge) IGCSEs in both English Literature and English Language. Class debate and discussion are encouraged and we hope to promote the intelligent enjoyment of literature, as well as enhance pupils’ responses and ability to evaluate. We also encourage independent reading and provide guidance for pupils of differing interests and abilities.

English Literature remains a perennial favourite choice for A Level students and we seek to encourage both class and individual study at a high level. We follow Edexcel’s New Specification. Students taking English at this level are expected to contribute to class debate and to remain open and flexible in their thinking.

Why Study at Clifton College?

We go to great lengths to tailor our courses to our individual pupils, so that we can best support and nurture pupils of differing abilities.

During the academic year, we organise several visits to the theatre and a Year 12 trip to Dublin.