Mathematics has a proud tradition at Clifton College.

Proficiency in mathematics encourages the development of valuable, transferable skills and many leading universities attach great importance to the successful completion of an A Level qualification.


At Clifton College, we teach mathematics with rigour and imagination, and it has become a hugely popular subject.

With over half the Lower Sixth studying mathematics, classes are divided into sensibly-sized streamed sets, with teaching tailored to the particular abilities and needs of each pupil.

All our classrooms are connected to the School’s IT network, and interactive whiteboards, PCs and handheld devices play an integral part in our teaching. The Percival Library and the Departmental Library contain mathematics sections offering a range of books which pupils can use to read beyond the syllabus; an additional range of mathematical software is also available.

Why Study At Clifton College?

We have far more further mathematicians than other schools, meaning the pupils have a good number of like-minded mathematicians around them with whom to work.

In addition to formal lessons, individual weekly clinics provide pupils with additional support to improve their skills.

We run a popular Code-Breaking Club, in which pupils can learn about different mathematical ciphers and compete in the National Cipher Challenge. We also enter in the United Kingdom Mathematics Challenge at Intermediate and Senior level, and Clifton College pupils often go on to take part in the British Mathematical Olympiad. We are regular participants in the UKMT and FMSP Mathematics Challenges, and regularly attend Maths Inspiration Lectures at the Bristol Hippodrome.