Butcombe Nursery and Preschool now open for children from 3 months

We are excited to announce a new offering at Clifton College. We will now be welcoming babies from as young as 3 months old into our Butcombe Nursery, offering comprehensive care within our first class learning environment. Visit the link below to find out more
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At Clifton we are committed to providing pupils with an outstanding environment within which to live and study. Clifton College successfully combines heritage with modernity, enjoying the best of both. Landscaped greenery surrounds our magnificent buildings, and, every quarter hour, the distinctive chime of the Chapel Clock can be heard echoing around the South Quad.

The distinctive, historic buildings at Clifton provide an inspirational backdrop for learning, with an enviable mix of modern facilities and traditional 19th century architecture. The Percival Library is a beautiful Grade II listed building, home to more than 15,000 books and a computer suite; this and other specialised buildings, such as the Joseph Cooper Music School and the Redgrave Theatre, ensure our pupils have access to first class facilities, which enhance their educational experience. Clifton also enjoys an unrivalled science heritage of Nobel Prize winners. This arose from the highly equipped and staffed Science School, which includes the Stone Library, containing approximately 5,000 scientific books.

Another of our most cherished buildings is the beautiful Grade II listed Chapel, which has provided a focal point for the College for over 150 years, hosting services, concerts and a wide range of other events.

The school’s impressive sports facilities total 90 acres, providing pupils with international-standard indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.