In a world where we are surrounded by images, in a multitude of different media, the subject of Photography aims to help pupils understand this visual language, and learn to use it as a creative and communicative tool.


To build a thorough understanding of photography, pupils are taken through many different traditional and contemporary methods of image production, such as black and white film processing and printing, photo etching, toning, liquid emulsions, pinhole cameras, photograms and also studio lighting, digital cameras and manipulation using Photoshop and different, alternative, methods of presentation.
Pupils learn about the social and contextual aspects of photography, using thorough research into other photographers and artists to help inform their own personal work in response to set themes.

Why Study at Clifton College?

At Clifton College pupils are able to find their visual voice in a stimulating, exciting and creative class environment. We have the facilities and expertise to cater for the majority of photographic techniques, and pupils are encouraged to pursue their own ideas, supported by staff.

Pupils have gone on to foundation and degree courses including photography and media production, or used it to help in their applications for fine art or history of art in various universities in the UK and Europe.