Religion has played a central role in the lives of almost all civilizations and cultures. Its ideas and concepts are embedded in many aspects of society.

The Religious Studies Department seeks to inspire and motivate pupils to engage with and explore the challenging issues that surround the subject. The study of religion is essential for anyone who wants to understand the way the world has dealt and does deal with the ultimate questions of existence.


Religious Studies is taught in an open, investigative way, which encourages objective analysis and evaluation. During their studies pupils will look at religion as a major world force, with particular attention being paid to Christianity and Judaism. This offers an appreciation of some of the most pressing and contentious issues in religion today.

Why Study At Clifton College?

Our modern and academically ambitious department aims to introduce pupils to new experiences and new ways of thinking. Our teachers are specialists with experience at top institutions, and we have been successful in helping pupils to achieve places at high-ranking universities to read Philosophy and Theology.

Pupils are fortunate in being able to visit both chapel and synagogue on site. Recent educational trips include a bespoke artefact trail at the Ashmolean Museum, the viewing of a rare and ancient manuscript at Oxford University and a day spent at Cambridge University exploring links between religion and art.

The department is very well resourced and the Percival Library provides excellent support.