Learning support is available as an option group subject to pupils with specific needs in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Years. 

Individual support is also available to Sixth Form pupils if required.


We provide support which is tailored to the needs of each individual, through consultation with parents and on-going liaison with House Masters and House Mistresses, tutors and mainstream subject teachers. Our flexible work scheme aims to reinforce key skills in literacy and numeracy, as well as teaching pupils how to study, revise for and sit examinations.

As someone whose passions lie in essay subjects, LS has helped introduce me to technological support, circumventing my once seemingly insurmountable difficulty, and allowed me to pursue and excel unhindered in the subjects I love.Year 13 student

Why study at Clifton College?

Our Learning Support Department is housed in its own building, providing a warm, quiet and stress-free environment where small groups and individuals have the space and support to work effectively and productively.

The Learning Support Department also benefits from state of the art ICT equipment, including interactive boards and WiFi.