As a parent, the health and safety of your child is one of your biggest concerns and this is something we share.

All our staff undertake regular First Aid training and Clifton College also has its own health centre (The San), where fully qualified and experienced medical staff are on hand to offer advice and guidance. Parents can therefore feel reassured that if their child is injured or taken ill, they will receive excellent care.

Preschool Food

Our children are busy learning and having fun so we provide them with healthy drinks and snacks throughout the day to help keep their energy levels up. Every morning the children have a selection of snacks which they help to prepare themselves.

Our catering team provides a balanced and delicious hot cooked lunch, and the children help to set the tables and serve themselves. Vegetarian options are available, as well as the choice of a hot pudding, fruit or cheese.

Healthy Eating

Our menus offer healthy options at every mealtime. We do not add additional salt to meals, and only the minimum amount off fats and oils are added to the dishes we prepare. We are very careful not to offer too many sugary foods, and only natural sugar is used.

If your child has specialised dietary needs, please let us know so we can advise which meals will be suitable from the wide selection we offer.

Sharing Spaces

We encourage eating in a ‘family sitting’ style, and getting together as much as possible in the Preschool. We prioritise giving our children the space to communicate in a way that promotes sharing with and caring for those around the table. During meal times, we often see children learning about their environment in new ways.

We also promote giving our Preschool children a better understanding of what they’re eating, by allowing them to explore with taste and texture and the look and feel of certain foods.