Sport plays an important part in the life of Clifton Preparatory School.

Sport in the Prep School aims to develop children’s skills and understanding, along with a lasting passion for a wide range of sports. Sport is an integral part of school life and provides a platform for children to explore new challenges, discover hidden talents and ultimately have fun, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each week, they spend approximately 5.5 hours within the curriculum on PE, swimming, games and/or individual sports.

Each term there is a well-balanced sports programme, with opportunity and participation. The Prep School currently has over 38 teams competing regularly across a wide range of sports, festivals, qualification tournaments and matches. We have an extensive activity programme which supports the sports curriculum, offering extra opportunities in sports such as Fencing, Basketball, Kickboxing, Sailing, Rackets, and Real Tennis.

We use the sports website, SOCS, for our team and sport information at Clifton College, click here to view.