As well as providing access to first-class academic and learning facilities, Clifton College also offers pupils an extensive and varied programme of games, activities and events.

Our co-curricular programme complements and enhances classroom learning, and forms a central part of the well-rounded education that is the ‘Clifton Experience’.

All our co-curricular activities benefit from first-class facilities, excellent tuition and supervision. These additional pursuits encourage the development of the whole child, and help pupils become well-rounded individuals who are both interesting and interested.

More than anything, we strive to give the children activities which are fun and enjoyable, to help them make the most of their school days.

All pupils are strongly encouraged to participate fully in the wide range of optional activities. The range of opportunities is such that every pupil can find his or her niche and develop interests and talents beyond the purely academic.


These are mostly run by staff and free of charge. Where an activity requires the employment of an outside coach (e.g. Karate, Judo, Ballet, Tap) there will be a weekly charge.

To encourage variety, the club choices are changed each term and the children have the opportunity to try their hands at lots of different skills.


The Preparatory School has developed links with several schools across the globe, such as the Howick Township School and the Enxolobeni School in South Africa. These links have enabled us to help both schools financially and also visit and experience them first hand.

The pupils also benefit from an array of international trip opportunities such as skiing trips and sports trips.