Music is an important part of life at Clifton College, and pupils have plenty of opportunities to join in. They are encouraged to explore music both within and beyond the classroom, whether by playing an instrument, singing in the choir, or by taking part in the House Song Festival. Opportunities abound for the beginner, the enthusiast and those interested in trying something new.

Supporting and extending our curriculum, we offer our pupils a wide range of extra-curricular groups and activities, designed to inspire all and develop the specialist.

There are many extra-curricular groups that offer a complete range of musical styles, from the more traditional Chapel Choir and Orchestra to Soul Band, Swing Band and many other popular types of music. Participation in music is extremely high and there are many performance opportunities, ranging from the annual musical and large-scale concerts to informal performance platforms. Events such as the Choral Congers Concert and House Singing Competition involve the entire school.        

We have our own recording studios and full-time sound engineer, and The Joseph Cooper Music School has a computer suite with twenty computers, allowing pupils to harness the latest technology in music.