Clifton College Endowment Fund

Clifton College Endowment Fund







The Clifton College Endowment Fund is a registered charity, the trustees of which are the current members of the OC Executive Committee.  This fund is valued at something above £2.5 million with the income providing support to our Independent School in a number of ways; mostly by offering scholarships and bursaries or by the purchase of special items.  

Please help us to extend the extraordinary benefits of a Clifton education by donating to the Clifton College Endowment Fund.  To make either a single or regular gift please click on either of the buttons below:


Regular Gift Button

Regular gifts are the most valuable way of giving to the Endowment Fund as it enables the College to count on your generosity and therefore plan for the future. Use this option to set up a regular direct debit - you can contact us to change the amount or frequency at any time once your gift is set up.


Single Gift Button

A single gift will help the Endowment Fund support students and is vital in enabling us to provide the educational experience we prize.  Use this option to set up a single installment direct debit.


If you would like to discuss any other forms of donation, please call us on 0117 315 7660 or email