The main focus for CCDT fundraising has been for scholarship and bursarial support and I am delighted to report that to date we have supported 33 pupils.

Many thanks to all these donors who have supported us:

Percival Benefactors
(£250k plus)

The Old Cliftonian Society
Joseph Cooper (NT 1931) *
Jonathan Glassberg (PH 1983)
Mildred Tomlinson *
John James Bristol Foundation
Polack’s House Educational Trust
David Jones (BH 1955) *
Anonymous x 1

Guthrie Benefactors
(£50k – £250k)

Nick Porter (ET 1986)
Jacqueline Pullinger  *
Mr D and Mrs H Stevens
Trevor Howard (DH 1932)  *
Roger Cooper (DH 1952)
Edgar Harborne (NT 1952)
Alan Morgan (NT 1969)
Isidore Grossman  *
Sir Hector Sants (BH 1973)
Anonymous x 3     

Wilson Benefactors
(£10k – £50k)

John Pocock
Hugh Harper (WiH 1986)
Ian Lane (ST 1950)
Simon Brewer (ET 1981)
Chris Trembath (ST 1980)
Robin Bowie (WiH 1980)
Marc Futter (OH 1939)  *
Friends of Clifton
Graeme McEvoy (SH 1987)
Tim Greene
Ann Futter Lomeli
Sir David Willcocks Music Trust Fund
Sir Trevor Chinn (PH 1953)
Sandy Hett (DH 1946)
OC Masonic Lodge
Granville Davis (NT 1939)  *
The J & M Britton Charitable Trust
Frank Petrosky
Davidson Charitable Trust
Arbi Gayrabekov
Halid Musayev
The Harry Crook Charitable Trust
Piotr Holysz (SH 2003)
Bob Frampton (WiH 1942)  *
Lin and Judith Wilson (NT 1954)
Michael Brooks (NT 1951)
David Forbes-Nixon (NT 1983)
Andrew Thornhill (NT 1962)
Milan Morjaria (SH 1985)
Simon Makinson (WaH 1976)
Tim Ross
David Killick (OH 1956)
Sir Peter Job (DH 1959)
David Jenkins (SH 1940)  *
Keasbey Memorial Foundation
Colin Hallward (ST 1953)
Martin Franklin (PH 1983)
Peter Greenaway (NT 1950)
John Dayer (NT 1948)
Peter George (BH 1990)
Agnes Weighell  *
Patrick Howe (ST 1955)
John Barron (DH 1952)  *
Peter Bartrum (DH 1926)  *
Geoffrey Mowat (ST 1936)  *
Davy Pain (SH 1936)  *
David Peck (OH 1939)  *
Julian Tayler  *
Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
Rick Saunders (DH 1981)
Richard Farrimond (WaH 1965)
Neal Foster (PH 1984)
Neil Constable (WiH 1983)
Anonymous x 4     


The Close Benefactors
(£1k – £10k)


The Commemoration Benefactors (up to £1k)

Some donors choose to remain anonymous and their wishes are respected.

The list shows donations received since 1st January 2000.  Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list.  If your name has been inadvertently omitted please accept our apologies and deepest gratitude for your support.  Please contact us and we will rectify this as soon as we can.

* In Memoriam