Clifton College Development Trust

Clifton College Development Trust
Supporting Us

Every donation, whatever its size, can make a genuine difference to the education of Clifton’s pupils. Find out how you can support us and be part of Clifton’s future.  

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Scholarships and Bursaries

Clifton has a long history of bursary philanthropy and we are committed to increasing the number of bursarial places over the coming years.

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Meet the Trustees

The generosity of the CCDT has already provided financial awards for seven girls who started at Clifton in the Michaelmas Term 2012 - a life changing opportunity.

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1862 Club

The Club was created to recognise those who have included Clifton in their Will.  It gives the School the opportunity to thank members in their lifetime.

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Events and Appeals

Including; Networking Breakfasts, Annual Golf Days, School House Jamboree, 2017 Percival Dinner and more.

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Overseas Visits

Including; the 2018 Far East Trip for OCs and parents, the 2015 New York Reunion for OCs, and the 2014 Moscow Reception for OCs and Russian parents.

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Chairman's MessageSimon Brewer Head Final

Clifton has been on a journey for over 150 years.

Against the backdrop of war, economic highs and lows, political interference and the march of technology, the School has had to adapt to remain true to its founders’ vision - to be an inclusive, successful and relevant institution, providing children with a springboard into the next chapter of their lives.

Typically remembered with affection and appreciation by our alumni, the School began integrating girls with boys more than twenty five years ago.  It has enjoyed a strong academic surge in the last ten years, and music, drama and sporting successes have continued to flourish.  Yet it has strived not to lose sight of its intention to cultivate and encourage the all-rounder and hard-worker.  Despite the sweep of change, Clifton has remained relevant and successful, widely recognised for its ability to give children a strong foundation in life.

Thousands of Old Cliftonians maintain loyal links to the School, and reunions in the UK and across the globe speak volumes for the reservoir of goodwill that exists.  Parents of OC’s are also happy to engage with the school, suggesting they believe their financial sacrifices have been worthwhile.

But sadly, one key item has changed - the explosion in School fees over the last twenty years.  More and more professional, hard-working families are struggling to give their children the opportunity to attend Clifton.  In this regard, Clifton is no different from other similar schools, yet in one respect it is - namely, that it has lagged behind in developing its fund-raising capabilities.

We have engaged very well with our former pupils and their families, but we have been reluctant, often understandably, to ask our OC community if and when they might be able to create opportunities for the next generation. 

We need your help!

The Cliftonian Society offers donors two routes for those able to give:

1. The Clifton College Endowment Fund typically provides support for pupils when their parents’ financial circumstances have changed and they are unable to stay at the school.  In addition, larger donations can create named endowments and allow the donor to request that specific guidelines are followed.

2. The Clifton College Development Trust was established more recently, and its purpose is to enable children, who might not otherwise be able to come to the school, to be Cliftonians.  It spends the funds raised each year to maximise the number of such pupils.

The goal is simple - to help make it possible for more children to benefit from the good fortune we shared, and for Clifton to be a strong and positive force in shaping their futures.

Thank you for anything you feel able to contribute, and we welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss fund-giving opportunities with you directly.

Simon Brewer
Chairman CCDT