At Clifton College, we aim to provide a caring and supportive atmosphere, a home-from-home, in which your child is encouraged to seize each opportunity and fulfil their potential.

Wrap around care included from 7:30am until 6:00pm everyday for Reception to Year 3

The school day starts at 8:30am, but parents may drop their child at School from 7:30am at no extra charge. For those arriving at 7:30am the wrap around care includes breakfast as well as the opportunity for children to play and relax ahead of the school day. After school children can stay and play with their friends and have some tea before being picked up at 6:00pm.

Our aim is for the children to have fun, socialise with their friends and relax. They are encouraged to develop their ideas through both outdoor and indoor play, and can choose activities, including arts and crafts, board games, reading, free play, computers, dancing, music and group games.


While Clifton has an Anglican foundation, children of all faiths are welcome and special arrangements can be made for their religious needs if required.

Health and Food

The health and safety of our children is of paramount importance. A matron is present during the school day and staff members undertake First Aid training every three years.

We eat in the College dining halls, but at a different time to the Upper School pupils. A cafeteria system ensures there is a wide choice available, including vegetarian and kosher options. Teachers sit at the ends of tables in order to ensure children eat properly.

SUMMER term 2024 Lunch Menu