There are seven boarding Houses in the Upper School, including four Boys’ Houses and three Girls’ Houses.

Most pupils are full-time boarders involved in the College’s busy life for seven days a week, but some families prefer to opt for a ‘flexi-boarding’ arrangement. This may range from regular ‘day-boarding’, with an entitlement of up to four nights per week, to ‘occasional boarding’, available on a per-night basis.

The pupils share their home with a Housemaster or Housemistress and their family, an Assistant, a resident tutor and sometimes a pet. In addition, each House has up to five non-residential tutors. Our houses all sit round the corner from College Fields, where we hold many sporting events for the Prep School, and it has been named one of ‘Britain’s 50 nicest streets to live on’ by The Telegraph.

Boarders are encouraged to take part in any weekend activities or trips organised by their House or the College. There is no restriction on full boarders going out with parents or guardians on a weekend, unless they have commitments to fulfill. Apart from official quarter and half-term breaks, boarders may also go home (or to a guardian), by prior arrangement, after any commitment on Saturday, returning on Sunday evening. That said, most boarders elect to stay throughout the weekend.