We cannot stress enough how much emphasis we place on the development of decent human beings at Clifton College, and we strive daily to help the children in our care to grow and develop.


The health and safety of our children is of paramount importance. A school nurse is present during the school day and all staff members undertake First Aid training every three years.

School staff members deal with minor ailments, such as cuts. Serious illness and injury is immediately referred to our own extensively-equipped Health Centre (The San), where fully qualified and experienced nursing staff, in conjunction with the Doctor, will assess the correct course of action.

The health of children will, of course, be primarily a matter for parents and their family doctor. If any day child is taken ill during the school day, we are more than happy to look after them until their parents can be contacted.


In our experience, children’s concentration levels drop during the morning, and often a drink and something to eat enables them to cope until lunchtime. Snacks are also available during the afternoon.

We eat in the College Dining Halls, but at a different time from the Upper School pupils. A cafeteria system ensures there is a wide choice available, including vegetarian and kosher options. Teachers sit at the ends of tables in order to ensure children eat properly.

Healthy Eating

Our menus offer healthy options at every mealtime. We add only the minimum amount of salt, fats and oils to the dishes we prepare, and have even removed salt from the tables to discourage pupils from adding it to their food. We also try and mitigate sugar consumption by rotating the availability of sugar-rich items.


While Clifton has an Anglican foundation, children of all faiths are welcome and special arrangements can be made for their religious needs if required.

Clifton has always had a strong Jewish tradition and Jewish pupils in the Preparatory School can attend the School’s own synagogue, receive Hebrew instruction and preparation for Bar Mitzvah, if parents so wish. Find out more about Jewish Life here.

Dietary Requests

If you need specialised diet provision, please let us know so we can advise which meals will be suitable from the wide selection we offer.


We endeavour to ensure no nuts or nut products are used in our regular menus. Any specialty dishes that may contain nuts or traces of nuts are clearly labelled and staff are informed.

Interesting Facts

The Dining Halls are located in ‘Big School’, one of the original School buildings built in 1862, which is now split into three floors.

The recent installation of modern servery counters allows the team to cater for over 1,000 meals in an hour!