Year 8 Deliver Enchanting Performance of Beauty and the Beast JR

The Redgrave Theatre’s auditorium was transformed into an enchanting world of magic and romance with the much-anticipated Year 8 production of Beauty and the Beast. The students’ rendition of this beloved tale showcased their enthusiasm, dedication and talent.

From the moment the curtain rose, the audience was transported to the quaint village where Belle, played by the talented Maggie, dreams of adventure beyond the confines of her small town. Maggie’s portrayal of Belle was captivating; her voice soared during “Belle” and “Home,” capturing the character’s longing and spirit perfectly.

Olonya’s performance as the Beast was a highlight of the evening. Her transformation from the intimidating creature to the tender, caring prince was beautifully executed. Her rendition of “If I Can’t Love Her” was both powerful and poignant, leaving many in the audience misty-eyed.

The supporting cast was equally impressive. Zara brought comedic flair and impeccable timing to the role of Lumière, her performance of “Be Our Guest” a show-stopping spectacle that had the audience clapping along. Meanwhile, Emilia as Mrs. Potts delivered a heartwarming performance, with her rendition of the titular song “Beauty and the Beast” providing one of the evening’s most memorable moments. Not to be overlooked, Rufus’ Gaston was delightfully arrogant and boisterous, with “Gaston” and “The Mob Song” showcasing his strong stage presence and vocal prowess.

The production’s technical aspects were equally commendable. The set design was innovative and detailed, effectively transitioning from the provincial village to the grand, eerie castle. The lighting design conveyed location and atmosphere beautifully. Five Year 8 students helped out backstage and in the lighting box, getting an insight into other roles in the theatre.

The choreography, overseen by Casey was energetic and precise, particularly during the ensemble numbers Gaston and Be Our Guest, which were executed flawlessly.

Bravo to all involved for delivering a night of pure magic and wonder!

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