The return of the Prep School chickens

Do you remember the cute little chicks that hatched back in May? Let us jog your memory…

We were incubating chicken eggs in one of the laboratories in Prep School Science and we were lucky enough to watch some of them hatching.

The children found it fascinating to see them emerge from their shells and to learn all about their growth and development. They also thoroughly enjoyed giving them all gentle little cuddle every now and then!

When they were big enough to leave the incubator, the chicks left the science lab to join My Paynter’s coop so they could stretch their little legs and grow into big strong hens. Well, two of these very hens are back! And they have taken up residence in the Rose Garden at the back of Wollaston’s and Tait’s.

The hens are now roughly seven months old now have been laying their own eggs for the last month. We plan to get a feeding rota in place for the children after Exeat and the proceeds from our egg sales will go back into buying the food and other items needed for keeping them.

It is brilliant to have the opportunity of bringing back these small fluffy chicks so the children can see how much they have grown in such a short time. Not only this, but the hens are just loving their new home!