Prep Commemoration Day 2024

Our Prep Commemoration Day was certainly a joyous occasion!

Beginning in Chapel with a beautiful and moving start by the Prep Choir, we had an insightful speech from keynote speaker Mark Shayler before reflective and inspirational speeches in the marquee.

It was wonderful to hear from Jude and Clemmie about their journey through the school and how their interests have been nurtured to shape their next steps of studying Maths at Oxford University whilst further exploring a passion for rockets, and obtaining a scholarship to Princeton University to study Chemistry and continue on the professional Hockey path – we wish you both the very best of luck.

This was followed by lunch, a Beauty and the Beast themed party in the library, an array of musical performances and tours and activities around the school led by our Prep pupils.

Thank you to all of our families, pupils and staff for helping to make it such a memorable day.

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