Clifton and the D-Day Landings - 06 June 2014

American Flag

A rather special American flag flew over Clifton College on 6 June to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

The flag was a present from General Eisenhower to thank the College for the important role it played during World War II. It was given in 1953 and is noticeable in that it only has 48 stars.

The flag is usually flown on 4 July, as requested by General Eisenhower. However, it was unfurled early this year to mark Clifton College's proud association with D-Day. 

The College was home to the US Army under General Omar Bradley at the time of the Landings. 

Much of the detailed planning for Operation Overlord was supervised by General Bradley in the Council Room.

The drawing pins used to hold up the top secret maps and plans still remain in the pannelling today.