Clifton College Filming Locations

Think you’ve recognised Clifton College on the big screen recently? Chances are you have! In fact, in the last two weeks the College has been used as a location in two major TV programmes and there is more to come!

We have been lucky enough to host multiple big TV hits over the last few years, and it’s always fascinating to watch the grounds transform and adapt to reflect these fictional storylines and locations (note: Dr Who’s Tardis cannot normally be found here!). We are delighted to host more filming this year and we work closely with the production companies and location managers to create experiences for our pupils and colleagues to see behind the scenes and learn more about the careers available, and work involved in film and television.

How well have you been paying attention? Which programmes can you identify from the scene snapshots below?

(Answers at the bottom of the page.)






















1-3 = Dodger
4 = Doctor Who
5-6 = Outlaws
7 = Boarders