Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Rebecca Butchart: 13/09/2016

The latest news that has seemed to have grabbed everyone’s attention is that The Great British Bake Off, a show that has gotten over 15 million, has been sold to Channel 4. For anyone who does not know what The Great British Bake Off is, it is basically a group of twelve contestants that all compete to win the show to be the best baker. Each week the contestants have to bake a new task each week, for example, they make bread, biscuits, four-storey cakes and so on. The latest news is that one of the original judges, Mary Berry, has now quit the show, claiming that she is ‘loyal to the BBC’ and will not move to Channel 4. Rumors have started to say that the BBC will launch a GBBO rival show, and that Mary Berry has said that she would not mind being a part of such a new venture.

It is not only Mary Berry who has decided that Channel 4 is not right for the GBBO, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, the two presenters, have claimed that they ‘won’t be following the dough’. However, Paul Hollywood has said that he will be staying to carry on the GBBO with Channel 4.

In my opinion, I really like and enjoy the Great British Bake Off but I don’t know if I will carry on watching it when there is no Mel and Sue, who in my opinion are the best part of GBBO. Firstly, because the pair of them can get a contestant from crying to laughing again by calming their nerves. I, personally don’t know a double act who can do the same without making a huge deal out it. However, saying that, the Channel 4 version could be really good and until we know more the replacements of Mel, Sue and Mary we can’t really judge whether it it is going to be a success or a failure. Although I do like knowing that on every Wednesday, there is a TV programme with the ever growing audience and innuendo’s as well as the catchy phrases like ‘Ready, Steady, BAKE!’.

What is controversial is that Paul Hollywood - the second judge alongside Mary Berry, has decided to move to Channel 4. This would mean that he would have to find another judge that he likes and has the same like for baking as he does. This means that the rumour about Jamie Oliver becoming the judge to replace Mary Berry cannot be true, for two main reasons. One, Jamie Oliver is a chef and secondly, he has told reporters that he has too much going on to ever consider doing a television programme on top of all of his work at the moment. Who is going to replace the famous Mary Berry?