Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Jason Weereawardena: 21/10/2016

Trump and Clinton sparred for the third and final time on October the 19th in Las Vegas (Nevada). So after 3 debates a grueling primary season and an extremely long and drawn out campaign what can we gather from the rollercoaster ride that was the 2016 presidential election? What the debates highlighted and especially this last one is how polarized the politics in the US have become. Every Trump supporter believes Hillary suffered a 3 punch combo against trump in these debates while every Clinton supporter believes the complete opposite. With my experience of this ordeal, you simply cannot challenge someone’s perspective as you will be named either a “corporate shill” or “racist bigot” when really you just disagree with that person on one issue.

What I think cannot be disputed however is that this is clearly Trump’s best performance.  While he did stumble on the issues of whether he would overturn “Roe v. Wade” and whether he would actually accept the election results if he loses, he stuck to the issues while not being baited by Clinton on remarks clearly aimed to damage his own ego and cause him to lose his temper on stage. Clinton was forced to stick to debating policy rather than temperament, something which should benefit Trump.

When looking up the official transcript of the 3rd presidential debate, I had problems exactly deciphering what Trump was actually saying as he holds a rather unique method of speaking where he  begins to make one point and then just veers off into a tangent about something unrelated to his point before returning to his original argument. Just look at this section of his opening statement to the debate: “The Supreme Court, it is what it is all about. Our country is so, so, it is just so imperative that we have the right justices. Something happened recently where Justice Ginsburg made some very inappropriate statements toward me and toward a tremendous number of people. Many, many millions of people that I represent and she was forced to apologize. And apologize she did. But these were statements that should never, ever have been made. We need a Supreme Court that in my opinion is going to uphold the second amendment and all amendments, but the second amendment which is under absolute siege. I believe, if my opponent should win this race, which I truly don't think will happen, we will have a second amendment which will be a very, very small replica of what it is right now. But I feel that it is absolutely important that we uphold because of the fact that it is under such trauma.” He started speaking about the Supreme Court, then about what a specific member of the Supreme Court said then veered off into a speech about the 2nd amendment before talking about his opponent’s chances then finally getting back to the 2nd amendment. While watching the debate you can just about understand his point but reading it….?

With less than one month to go before the election who knows what surprises will surface on either side, ones which may end the Trump or Clinton campaign. There is still a lot of potential for scandal in this race which may reinvigorate the Trump campaign’s efforts and save what now appears to be a crumbling campaign or possibly knock down Clinton to his level or lower.

            In conclusion, Trump definitely held his own in the third debate and it clearly shows that this election as it enters its final weeks is far from over; as it stands, Clinton is the favorite to win this race but there is HUGE potential for a Trump upset here: we will have to see come November 8th.