Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Mima Williams: 19/12/16

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. They are all outlets for self-confidence. And it is because of this outlet that I reach the height of hypocrisy as I would like to be able to say that the number of likes a photo receives would have no effect on my frame of mind and disposition, but the truth is, is that it has a huge effect. We not perfect human beings and I never intend on aiming for or achieving perfection but the necessity for teenage girls and boys for that matter to feel comfortable in themselves has become a much more complex concept than it needs to be. We should feel happy in waking up every morning to a loving family and a good life but instead we feel the need to compare ourselves to everybody and anybody who is not us, via all and any type of social media, and it's this routine of envy that will never have any benefit to any part of our lives.

Adolescence is possibly the most vulnerable stage of a person’s life and to be constantly bombarded with standards that we should be meeting in every aspect of our lives can completely shatter any sort of self-confidence or self-awareness. It is such a huge achievement to be able to come to terms with yourself and feel comfortable in who you are, but it shouldn’t be. It seems being proud of your appearance is shunned upon by society as it is ‘vain’ so suddenly we are even expected to dislike ourselves. The whole concept is unnerving.

At the youngest of ages, a certain body shape and appearance is inflicted upon children through every source possible. Toys such as Barbie and Action Man are set as a child’s main role model, so the image of a formidably tall, skinny, blonde girl and a man who quite frankly looks like a brick with hair on the top, is slowly imprinted into children’s minds to be the correct way to look. Children’s TV shows are another way of manipulating kid’s minds to form this sick façade of the normal human being.

I think there is need for us as a world-wide community to start allowing leverage for a more diverse and varied society. Instead of comparing ourselves with everybody else, we should be able to and allowed to accept ourselves exactly the way we are.