Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Lauren O'Hagan: 24/01/17

It is what it is.

With the recent conclusion of the fourth series of one of the most successful TV dramas, Sherlock’s many fans were left with the question, what about Series 5? What can they bring next? Will there ever be a Series 5?

I hope not.

Don’t get me wrong. I must admit I am a massive Sherlock fan, finding all series equally intense, jaw dropping and dramatic. The plots were intricate and wonderfully thought through, the chemistry amongst actors was exceptional. Cliff-hangers were at every corner, yet completely unexpected at the same time. Never before have I sat on the edge of my seat in such anticipation for what came next.

So why don’t I want Series 5?

As there is an average waiting time of two and a quarter years between each series and with no major cliff hanger to work from, I don’t see how the producers, actors and directors will be able to maintain such high levels of excellence. And whilst it may be a lengthy period of time between each episode for us viewers, are we meant to expect there will be no change in time for the characters in the drama?  With Benedict Cumberbatch hitting 40 and Martin Freeman turning 45, how will they be able to keep up the impression that little time has changed?  After all, I, like many of the 9.2 million Sherlock viewers, would hate to see any other actors fill the void.

It isn’t just for the sake of practical reasons that  I don’t wish to see the return of Sherlock, but also for the sake of the storylines. With every aspect of the storyline so carefully woven together, I just do not see how such an excellent standard can be maintained…elementary when you think about it!