Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Rebecca Butchart: 14/03/2016

On Thursday 9th March, the Upper and Lower Sixth went and supported those who were playing in the ‘St. George’s Joseph Copper Concert’. The night kicked off with a liberated piece called ‘Knightsbridge March’, with all members of the orchestra playing, and included both louder and softer music being played.

We were lucky enough to have a soloist from Y7 playing the Piano; ‘Nocturne in B-flat minor’, which was played extremely skilfully, especially in front of a huge audience . Other soloists included Valentin Kasparov (L6), playing the trombone, Charlie Pughe (U6) and Emma Shaw (L6) both playing the clarinet, and Dan Laurie (U6) on the bass. All soloists played a range of pieces very well and kept the attention of the audience.

The Chamber Choir, consisting of Lauren Burke, Georgie Dixon, Natasha Binnie, Rebecca Kenyon, Charlie Argent, Alex Fitzgerald, Lewis Williams, Henry Metcalfe, Romaine Bornes, Olivia Harris and Mr Robson, sang The Circle of Life from the Lion King and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. These were enjoyable choices, sung very effectively, and having no music to accompany them meant the audience could focus on the voices.

In total, the whole performance was a interesting mix of pieces of music and well put together: congratulations to everyone who took part in an enjoyable evening.