Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Jason Weereawardena: 21/02/17

“Doctor Strange” in my opinion is probably one of the best movies of 2016. It has an amazing story, dazzling imagery and a lead role played by one of the most captivating actors in Hollywood, Benedict Cumberbatch.

The film starts as a group of sorcerers enter an unnamed temple before stealing a forbidden book of knowledge, later disclosed by the “ancient one” to contain a spell to summon “Dormammu” and sacrifice earth to the “dark dimension”. This already seems very confusing  outright but the movie explains things in a way where it isn’t without sacrificing the plot for exposition.

Meanwhile, “Doctor Strange”, a successful medical doctor, is driving home when he crashes into a mountain, causing him to require immediate surgery and giving his hands permanent nerve damage, thus virtually ending his career. He travels to “kamar-taj” after hearing they can heal his hands, it later being revealed that they are sorcerers protecting the planet from “dormammu”.The film really comes through in the final act as Strange faces off against dormammu with the best visuals I have ever seen coming out of a movie to this day.

The supporting cast is remarkably done as well; characters such as “Wong” and “Mordo” fit their roles perfectly. I especially liked Wong who in the marvel comics is simply a racial stereotype of an asian man but here he is nowhere near that and there is a lot more of a personality to the character.  He provides a huge amount of comic relief while still maintaining a serious stature throughout the movie.

The villain “Kaecilius” while overall a good character I found a little weak as he is just the “generic bad guy”. Thankfully “Dormammu” is there in the final act and Kaecilius is just a pawn of Dormammu. Dormammu himself is an intimidating figure as his entire body appears to be made up of fluid images with a deep and roaring voice to go with his massive figure. The way Doctor Strange ends up outsmarting dormammu, despite the giant being several thousand times the doctor’s power, is genius and I wouldn’t want to spoil it here.

I cannot recommend this film enough to people of all ages; it is by far my favourite film of the year. This would be the seventeenth film in the Marvel cinematic universe, leading up to the “infinity war” soon enough.  The amount of communication between the different directors and script writers when creating an MCU film must be phenomenal to maintain the same theme that this is marvel and also all leading up to the big fight with “Thanos”........