Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Rebecca Butchart: 24/01/2017

This past week has been dedicated to the play, Guys and Dolls; being part of Hallward’s House, I went to see the play on Friday night - and it was really good.

Guys and Dolls is set in New York, where all the well known gamblers, such as Big Julie, Harry the Horse and Nicely Nicely, are gathered, all depending on Nathan Detroit, played by Anthony Moll, to set up this week’s Crap Game, the problem becomes apparent when Nathan realizes that he needs $1000 to get the place. Add in Sarah Brown, played by Georgie Dixon, who needs sinners to keep the Salvation Army open in New York. All plans seem to stop when she meets Sky Masterson, played by Dallas Carter, makes a deal with Nathan Detroit, to see if he can get Sarah Brown to go out to dinner with him in Havana. At the start, Sarah Brown is very adamant against the idea, as her followers - Mabel, played by Molly Woolfson and Agatha played by Sorcha Trenouth and her trusted Grandfather Arvide Abernathy - Moy Cohen, may disagree with what she is doing because it goes against the Bible.  When this is all happening, Miss Adelaide, played by Emma Johnsey-Smith, is desperate to get married to Nathan, because she starts to fret that because she is developing a cold, Nathan will no longer want her.

With a packed full Act One, with songs included; If I was a Doll’ - sung by Georgie Dixon, which saw for the first time a drunk Sarah Brown, to then having both Georgie and Dallas sing ‘I’ve Never Been In Love’, both sung beautifully. Not to forget to mention the Chorus, who were in the background giving little add in’s which gave the performance funny moments just behind where the action was happening. This was in addition to the hard work that the backstage team had to do, that being makeup and costume or moving on and off the stage. The funny moments were very much part of the Hot Box Girls, delivering such funny, on point, high pitched lines, which made it so much funnier.

Then we get onto Act 2, with the classic, most well-known song, ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’ sung by Angus Clark or Nicely Nicely when the sinners have come back to The Salvation Army before Sky Masterson goes away again.

The production ends well, being that Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson finally get married and Sky changing into a better man, and Miss Adelaide finally becoming a wife! This all being discovered by the characters in ‘Marry the Man Today’ .Well done to the whole cast and crew for an amazing and really enjoyable performance.