Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

Pupil Contributions, Clifton College

 Lauren O'Hagan: 04/12/2017

On the first of September, eighteen Upper Sixth students took part in their Duke of Edinburgh expedition, a four day long cannoning expedition in Sweden. There were two groups taking part on the trip, the first being composed of Bastian Van der Zwalmen from North Town, Hugh Murdoch from Watsons, Poppy Watts from West Town, Esmee Winter from Oakleys, Ollie Eldridge and Harry Isaacs from East Town, Imogen Cotter from Hollands House and Anna Matthews from  Hallwards House. The second group was composed of Molly Woolfson, Yi Zhang and Lauren O’Hagan from Hallwards House, Bethan Hughes, Alex Holley and Emily Nelmes from West Town, Ollie Goldsack from Watsons, Dana Skotarenko from Worcester House and Harry Geeson and Charlie Condell from the South Town.







The two groups had been signed up for Duke of Edinburgh since September 2016, and after months of route planning, and expedition talks were ready for their Practice Expedition in the last week of Summer term 2017. The practice expedition took place in Wales along the River Wye, and after two days of training, we were ready to under take two days of solid canoeing. It was a brilliant experience and meant that everyone was anticipating the trip even more.








It was an early start, requiring everyone to meet outside school at 04:00 in order to travel from the College to Gatwick airport, to travel from the UK to Oslo Norway, and then travel to Sweden from there. The expedition itself took four days, on average travelling 23 km a day. The views were incredible, with the weather being exceptional on the arriving day and the first two days of the expedition. It really felt like travelling in the wilderness, and as I am sure many other participants would say, was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Throughout the expedition, we were expected to complete our group expedition aims, giving a verbal presentation on the last night, before returning, ready for the first day of school the next day.









Now, it is a case of making sure that individuals that are taking part complete their other sections, in volunteering, skill set, physical and residential. I highly recommend to all Lower Sixths that they take part in this incredible opportunity to complete your Gold DofE, whilst you are at Clifton College.









All of the photos shown in this article are some of the incredible sites that we saw whilst out on the lakes.