Pupil Contributions

Pupil Contributions

At Clifton College pupils are encouraged not only to excel academically but to also follow their own interests. In this section, we’ve invited Sixth Form pupils to contribute their own views and creative writing:

A school is all about its pupils and so the website should reflect this. We have always been proud at Clifton that our pupils are our best advert. When prospective parents and their children visit the school sixth form pupils take them on a tour and chat in a relaxed fashion about life at the school and what is on offer. The feedback from these visits is always good and so we decided to create space for their views and creative writing to be included on the site.

This section will grow, I am certain, but at present a few brave volunteers have given up their valuable time to contribute. They have chosen what they want to write about and so it will necessarily be an interesting mix of styles and views.

Anna Matthews

I am an upper sixth student in Hallwards, and for A Level, I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Latin.

 AL Qazzaly Mohamed

I am in North Town Upper Sixth with a particular interest in history and current affairs as well as football.

Rebecca Butchart

I am in Hallwards, Lower Sixth and I have been at this school since the age of four. I am studying Photography, Psychology, Business and English Literature for my A levels. I enjoy watching films and taking photos.


Lauren O'Hagan

My Name is Lauren O’Hagan. I am an Upper Sixth Pupil studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics- after dropping Physics at the end of Lower Sixth. I have a great interest in science and aim to contribute science based articles as well as reporting about school events.

Mima Williams

I am currently in lower sixth of Clifton College, enjoying my first year at the school. I am studying English Language, Literature, Politics and Biology with hopes of having a career in journalism or PR. I play hockey, netball and cricket and I was previously in the Welsh rounders team.

William Fothergill

I am in the Lower Sixth studying English Language, English Literature, Religious Studies and History. I hope to use my talents in order to write my way through the world of literature, from prose to poetry and novellas to novels.  

Jason Weereawardena

My name is Jason Weerawardena and I’m currently in my Upper Sixth year at Clifton College. In my articles, there will be a great deal on science, discovery and the USA. I'm studying biology, chemistry and maths as my A-levels, and have an ambition to study biology in America. I would do anything to achieve that goal! 

Charlie Chadwick

Leo Callaghan

I'm in upper sixth form in North Town House. This is my second year doing the website and I am interested in all sports, as well as History and Politics.

Anthony Moll