Careers Provision in Years 9 to 11

Careers Provision in Years 9 to 11

During years 9 - 11, the majority of careers information and insight into the world of work will be delivered through their syllabus, and through informal contacts with their tutor and/or House Master/Mistress. However, in addition to this, pupils have the opportunity to take part in several careers related events. Through the various events taking place in National Careers Week (usually in the Lent term), the pupils will gain an insight into several different types of careers through TED-style seminars and targetted chapel talks. Further, several departments provide industry specific opportunities as well (for example, engineering insight events provided by Science and Maths).  

At the end of Year 10, all pupils take part in the Morrisby profiling exercise. As a result of this, each pupil is provided with a bespoke summary of the types of subjects, degrees and careers that would suit their aptitudes and preferences. These reports are shared with their House Master/Mistress and with their tutors to help inform discussions on their post 16 options.   

Key Dates:

EY Choices Evening:                 EY Choices Evening

National Careers Week:            5th - 9th March 2018

Morrisby Profiling for Y10:        June 2018