News & Events

News & Events

Here you will find information about any careers related events that have recently taken place.

  • GAP year talk from Culsan's Travel - Friday 17th May
  • Talk on work experience opportunities & insight events - Friday 24th May
  • Careers guidance interviews - Tuesday 11th June
  • Morrisby profiling for Y10 - Friday 21st June
  • Careers Fair - Friday 28th June

Concorde50 Dinner

On Tuesday 9th April, Mrs Kenyon, Miss Ayling and three of our 6th form Physicists were lucky enough to attend the Concorde50 dinner. The event, which took place underneath Concorde in the Aerospace Bristol museum, was organised by Airbus celebrating 50 years since Concorde’s maiden flight from Filton. Over 300 guests gathered under the wings for a black tie drinks reception and formal dinner, and we were lucky enough to be joined by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, a patron of the museum. The evening was an incredible experience for all who attended. The pupils were purposefully sat on tables with recruiters and young ambassadors from all of the local aerospace companies and we were treated to two ‘droops’ of the nose during dinner (a little hairy since our table was right beneath the tip!). Hopefully all those that attended are now inspired to be part of the next incredible feat of aeronautical engineering!


Trailblazers Careers Event for Aspirational Girls

On Saturday 22nd September, Mrs Kenyon accompanied a group of girls to QEH who were hosting a day long event targetted at girls between the ages of 14-18.  Throughout the day, they were treated to talks from some truly inspirational women, who were leaders in their respective fields and ambassadors for women in the workplace.  These included Anita Corbin, Sunday Times photographer, Maggie Alphonsi, international rugby star, and Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party.  As well as these talks, the girls attended break-out sessions on Women in Stem, Building Resilience and Developing Your Leadership Style.  It was a truly fantastic event and the girls hugely enjoyed it. 

Trail Blazers With Anita Corbin










Careers Fair

The Clifton College Careers Fair welcomed a variety of professionals to come and talk to our Lower Sixth students about life after sixth form.

It provided the perfect opportunity for our students to find out more about different careers, to ask questions and seek advice.

The afternoon started with speeches in the Redgrave Theatre with talks from OC Jonathon Glassberg, founder and owner of JB Drax Honore,  and James Isaacs, Partner at Eric Salmon & Partners.

The students could then choose three different workshops from experts in a field that interests them. There were 32 different workshops, ranging from working as a photographer, a BBC journalist, a doctor, an engineer, an architect and many more.

Emma Kenyon, Head of Careers leader, said: “We are so grateful to all of the OCs who give up their time to come and talk to the students.  The students hugely appreciate the opportunity to hear from those with a similar start in life, and find out more about careers that interest them"

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Mock trial experience at UWE Bristol 

Our Philosophy and Law Society members had a great time taking part in a mock trial experience at UWE Bristol on the 17th January 2018. The pupils took on the roles of prosecution and defence lawyers, the defendant, witnesses and the judge. Their task was to persuade an impartial jury of the guilt or innocence of a suspected burglar and the defence team managed to secure an acquittal. They had a fantastic time and were commended by the course leaders for their confidence during interrogation and convincing acting.















Clifton pupils attend EY open evening

Last week, several members of the 6th form attended an EY insight evening, aimed at enabling students to learn about the professional service industry and understand what EY does. During the evening they were able to interact with EY apprentices, graduates and the recruitment team who explained the school leaver opportunities that they offer.  Feedback from the event was excellent with several of the group planning to apply for one of their schemes

Clifton pupils attend Angel Investing Networking Breakfast

Recently one of our 6th form pupils accompanied John Milne to this event at the Engine Shed in Bristol.  Here is what she had to say about the event:  "This talk was extremely interesting for me as it allowed me to see what the life of a business investor is like and what sorts of ventures many are looking to invest in. It gave me a real insight into what I want to do in my future career; which is creating and running a business. I was able to get tips from the numerous influential people I met on how to start a business and what investors are looking for before they invest their time and money into a business idea. The Angel Investing talk gave me the opportunity to meet some great people including the directors of the Bristol Private Equity Club, who gave me a real inventive to start putting together my business ideas into a plan so that I could one day find investors to back my business idea. The breakfast was a wonderful experience that fuelled my interest into businesses even more and I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend."

Launch of the Pathway Careers Service​

Choosing the path to follow after studying A-Levels is surely one of the most daunting tasks that students will have to overcome. Luckily the options are many. It’s all up to identifying the one that suits you the best. To help students in this decision, the 6th form lecture on Friday 3rd November, held by 19 year old Megan Hughes, opened a new world for pupils: Pathway. Their mission was clear from the beginning: to improve the employability and career prospects of school leavers. In order to do this, they will support schools helping students realise and fulfil their career potentials. It will be a two way communication system: Pathway on one side sending real results and relevant information on events, work experience, industry open days, apprenticeships, etc. regarding the chosen subjects and interests. On the other side the pupils will have the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions, being by email, text and even phonecall. Getting the pupils involved will help bring them to a higher understanding of the options and also hopefully excite them for their own futures.

Launch of the Entrepreneur’s Society

September saw the launch of Clifton’s very first Entrepreneur’s Society. This has been set up to harness the enthusiasm and creative talents of any budding entrepreneurs in the school and help them turn their thoughts into tangible business ideas. Mark Mason, a parent in the Prep school, and the overall sponsor of the society, launched this year’s programme with a talk on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what investors look are looking for. Subsequent meetings will see several entrepreneurial OCs coming to meet with the group together with some members of UWE’s new Team Entrepreneurship programme.

Clifton College Careers Fair 2017

In June last term, over 25 speakers (largely OCs or parents) took part in an afternoon of careers seminars and talks. The event kicked off with a hugely informative and engaging talk from James Isaacs (parent, OC and Chief Executive of Sheffield Haworth) on why engaging with careers advice is so important. This was followed by a series of classroom presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions provided by experts in their field representing the various career choices that the students had previously voted for. Topics ranged from interview technique to what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the huge variety we were able to offer reflects the wealth of experience we have in our OC and parent population. We are now busy planning a similar event for June 2018.