As a leading public boarding and day school, the health of our pupils is paramount. House staff and House matrons treat minor ailments or cuts, but any serious illnesses or injuries are immediately referred to our own Health Centre, known as ‘The San’.

The School Doctor visits regularly and all boarders are required to register with him, whereas the health of day children will, of course, be primarily a matter for parents and their family doctor. If any day child is taken ill during the school day, staff at ‘The San’ will care for them until parents can be contacted.

We have a well-equipped Health Centre with a treatment room, waiting room and consulting room. Pupils are able to stay in the Health Centre if they are sufficiently unwell, and there are nine beds for boarders and two beds for day pupils

Well-trained nurses look after pupils at the Health Centre. The nurses maintain individual health care records for each young person, and there are care plans in place for young people with specific medical conditions. 

Clifton College ensures all staff members in pastoral roles receive annual training in first aid, and registered nurses employed by the College receive advanced first aid training.