Whilst Clifton College has firm roots in the Anglican Church, we have always welcomed pupils of all faiths, giving them the chance to explore and question spiritual issues affecting the world and themselves.

The College has a rich and colourful spiritual heritage which acts as one of the foundation stones of the well-rounded and liberal education we offer.

The impressive Chapel is one of the jewels in the Clifton College crown. It has been the spiritual centre of school life since it first opened in 1867 and remains an important part of life at Clifton.

The College Chaplain is available at all times to meet with pupils who have any particular concerns they wish to share, and to provide spiritual guidance and counselling to all.

As in the past, the Clifton College Community continues to reflect the multi-faith culture of contemporary British Society.

Jewish Life at Clifton is more extensive and substantial than at any other British boarding school. 

The first Headmaster, John Percival, established a boarding house for Jewish pupils, which bequeathed a truly liberal spirit of integration that can still be clearly seen today.