Moscow 2014

Moscow 2014

The Head Master of the College, the Head Master of the Preparatory school and the Director of Development concluded another successful trip to Moscow.

Clifton’s first visit to the Russian Federation was Easter 2013 and the same format was adopted with a reception for Russian parents (past, present and future) and OCs held at the British Ambassador’s private residence on the banks of the River Moskva (opposite the Kremlin).

The property is considered one of the finest in the City and it was the first time many of the guests had set foot inside to see the artefacts, paintings and period furniture.

Over 62 guests attended the reception hosted by the Deputy of Mission Martin Harris (deputising for the Ambassador). As before, (to overcome the language barrier), we prepared a film showing current Russian pupils talking about their experiences at Clifton which was tremendously well received by the audience, particularly as some of their parents were in attendance. (See below)

The Head Master (with the assistance of an interpreter) spoke about events at Clifton and the added value the international pupils bring to the school; he also focused on the new Faculty of Languages which has since opened in September 2015.

Afterwards the Clifton contingent entertained the OCs in a local restaurant.

Our thanks go to the Ambassador’s team, the British Council and Boris Yaryshevskiy (WiH 2005 and OC rep in Moscow) for help in putting the event together.

Click on the picture above to view the gallery of pictures from the event.

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