School House Jamboree

School House Jamboree

On Saturday 30th March 2019, The Cliftonian Society held the School House Jamboree, a unique fundraising reunion in School House.

The black tie event was a huge success; reuniting School House OCs and former House Masters, whilst raising funds for the refurbishment of the House.  To view photographs of the evening, please click on the picture gallery above.

The evening started with a drinks reception in the House Hall, followed by an exceptional dinner provided by the School Caterers, in Big School.  Guests were the first cohort of Old Cliftonians to experience the newly refurbished BSK!

Following the School House 'Heads and Tails' Quiz, dinner, speeches and School Song, guests returned to the House Hall for further drinks where there was a fantastic display of photos and memorabilia, prepared by the College’s archivist, Dr Charles Knighton.

Guests were also given the opportunity of Bed and Breakfast in the dormitories overlooking the Close!

The evening was a resounding success, with the primary purpose of raising funds for the refurbishment of School House.

All leading schools have to fundraise for a variety of projects and reasons. There is a fine balance to be struck with respect to the use of surplus funds and Clifton’s wonderful buildings do cost a lot to maintain; in essence without fundraising there would be less money for bursaries and less money for one-off capital projects.

All proceeds from the evening go towards the School House Fund.  If you were unable to attend the event, there are still many ways you can support this cause: 


House shields - prominently positioned (on the south facing bay) you can see these six shields are badly eroded.  A gift of £5000 per shield will enable restoration and donors will be acknowledged by a plaque with their chosen names (s).    

Dormitories - why not place your name on your favourite dorm?  Maybe team up with fellow chums.  £2500 per name on a brass plaque... alternatively choose a favourite spot within the House to place your mark.

Restoration of Simon and Sue Reece's garden - lovingly created by Simon and Sue during their tenure; it was decimated by the need to use the lawn and garden during BSK refurbishment.  £5000 has already been kindly gifted.

Please click below if you wish to make a donation: