Psychology is a popular and successful Sixth Form option at Clifton College. Many pupils are drawn to psychology as an exciting science subject which seeks to address questions about human behaviour. Often pupils will choose the subject as a crossover between science and humanities subjects.


We follow the 2015 Edexcel specification for Psychology. The approach is from an empirical angle; experimental evidence and scientific research are considered and evaluated to develop an understanding of the topics.

In the first year, pupils study aspects of the four main schools of Psychology; Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology and Learning Theories. Integrated into each of these are research methods and students will design, carry out and analyse their own research.

In the second year, pupils develop their knowledge of the four schools of psychological thought and also consider wider issues around each of these. Pupils will also study child development, which includes the study of Autism, and Clinical Psychology where disorders such as Schizophrenia are studied. 

Why study at Clifton?

Pupils are encouraged to actively engage with their learning through structured activities which guide their assimilation of knowledge. Interactive resources and up-to-date ICT techniques are employed alongside practical tasks.

The Psychology Department is located in the new Sixth Form Centre with two classrooms on the first floor. The department has an extensive stock of DVDs and a growing library of specialist books.