Clifton’s physicists develop highly marketable and transferable skills, such as the ability to model new situations, think in a disciplined but critically minded manner, and plan practical work. The department prides itself on the quality of practical work at all levels.


Our teaching is academically rigorous, but with a focus on finding new ways of inspiring pupils at all levels and abilities. Many adults remember physics as dry or baffling at school but at Clifton, physics is immediately recognisable as a creative, thriving and successful subject.

We have a dedicated Sixth Form project lab, access to the Stone Library’s collection of more than 5,000 books and journals, roof-mounted and ground-based telescopes, a computer suite with in-house software simulations, department-wide WiFi, and two dedicated physics technicians.

Why Study At Clifton College?

Physics at Clifton is all about engagement, humour and a healthy respect for the details. To be a physics teacher is to be a magician who explains his or her tricks. At Clifton, the aim is to communicate a sense of wonder at the beauty and simplicity of the universe to our pupils.  

We work closely with the University of Bristol Graduate School of Education, the At-Bristol science centre, and the Institute of Physics.

We also arrange educational visits to the Greenwich Meridian, National History Museum and Science Museum in London, and plan to take students to visit the facilities at CERN.

The Astronomy Society’s “Project Galileo” is a computer controlled telescope mounted on the school’s roof which allows university level photographs and spectrographs to be taken.