Chemistry remains a very popular subject at Clifton. All pupils study the subject up to GCSE; most do chemistry as a separate subject and some take chemistry as part of “Dual Science”. 


Chemistry at Clifton is a very practical subject with experimental work seen as the core of the course both up to GCSE and A Level. Pupils in Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms,  have three 40 minute periods with their chemistry teacher each week. Sixth Form pupils are taught by two teachers and have four lessons with each teacher each week. As part of the A level course, both Lower and Upper Sixth undertake a wide range of practical work including a series of one hour assessments.

Why Study at Clifton College?

Alongside normal lesson time, the Chemistry department offers a range of opportunities to explore the subject in more detail: Students compete in both the RSC Chemistry Olympiad and the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge; we run an active Chemistry Club that gives students from all years the chance to try new and interesting experiments involving anything from fluidic motors to gun cotton; and there are sessions for those who want to stretch their knowledge of theory well beyond the exam syllabuses.

In addition, there are extra sessions in the Stone Library each week, providing academic help to any pupil who feels they may benefit, from those applying to Oxbridge, to those wanting further help with recent topics.