In PSHE, pupils learn how to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing, how to form and maintain healthy relationships, and how to become tolerant and politically engaged members of society. 

All pupils from third, fourth and fifth form take PSHE as an additional non-assessed subject.


This subject offers an opportunity to learn about oneself and the wider world, in an environment that favours group discussion and encourages personal curiosity. The PSHE Department operates a spiral curriculum comprising six main topic areas: diversity, society, relationships, sex, health and drugs.

All year groups cover all of these topic areas, but the specific content becomes more mature as they progress through the School. For example, in the diversity topic area in the Third Form, pupils will study identity, including neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ identities. In the Fourth Form, pupils will explore prejudice, including racism, sexism, disability discrimination and religious intolerance. In the Fifth Form, pupils will learn about representation of various identities in the media, in government and in different careers.

To encourage discussion, we use group work, as well as topical videos and anatomical models for teaching specific topics. Pupils are regularly reminded about the help and support available, including the House system, the health centre, the school counsellors and organisations such as Childline.