Winston Churchill famously described Russia as a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. A study of Russian helps pupils unlock some of these secrets.

The course is a perfect chance for pupils to improve their knowledge of current affairs, other cultures and languages, and to challenge themselves intellectually with one of the most difficult languages in the world.


Clifton College is delighted to be able to offer Russian as an interest subject in the Sixth Form. Pupils study the language, history, culture, and some literature over a one or two year period, and may sit a GCSE exam.

All language classrooms are very well-equipped with interactive whiteboards and the latest MFL software. We also subscribe to MFL websites which pupils can access anywhere and further practise their skills in their chosen languages.

Why Study at Clifton?

We have a thriving Russian community, including many native Russian speakers, who also take GCSE and A2 exams.

The Modern Languages Film Society regularly shows a selection of Russian films. Students are also invited to join the Russian Society, led by the native Russians of the Upper Sixth Form, for an evening of Russian food and music.