Mandarin Chinese is an increasingly popular language choice at Clifton College. Studying Chinese provides an insight into a rich and diverse culture, and we encourage appreciation of the history, geography, literature and traditions of the countries in which it is spoken.


Mandarin is taught at a wide range of levels, from beginner to native speaker, through Years 9 to 13. Recently, a number of our pupils have continued to study Chinese at university.

We have a very structured course, using a broad range of teaching materials, including many which we produce ourselves. 

Why Study at Clifton?

We are fortunate to have a number of Mandarin-speaking children in the School. They are one of our greatest resources, as they are able to interact with our pupils.

We have clubs and activities to support our subject, both cultural and language-based. We also take part in the British Council Speaking Competition.

The China trip visits a number of different cities where students take part in a range of cultural activities and have opportunity to use their language in practical situations. Summer language courses are also offered in Beijing for students wishing to improve their level of language.

The College celebrates Chinese New Year with dragon dancing and colourful displays, while the canteen provides a Chinese lunch.