Design Technology

Design Technology

Designers are the makers of the built environment; they change lives and shape our interactions with the world around us. Whether you are interested in industrial design, product design, architecture, or any other form of design, the one thing that doesn’t change is humans. Design starts with the needs and motivations of people. It has a reciprocal nature with culture, economy, geography and history with all these factors feeding into and in turn, being shaped by the visual culture of the world.

An education in design not only encourages observational skills and analytical skills but develops presentation and communication skills. It invites you to explore past objects as an archaeologist and to design what our world will look like in the future. You as a designer will be responsible for evoking an emotional response from the user and create a backdrop for all human experience. 

Our students have gone off to study graphic design, product design, architecture, ergonomic design among many other courses available.


At all levels of the College, Design and Technology is taught as an integrated programme of work incorporating creative design, the study of background technical theory and the practical production of objects. As is appropriate for a creative subject, a high proportion of pupils’ time is devoted to individual project work, with the guidance and assistance of the teaching staff. Whole-class teaching is used as an effective method of communicating new material and theory topics.

Why Study at Clifton?

Clifton’s reputation for excellence in the Design and Technology Department is ever increasing and we are staffed with highly experienced staff who are trained in a variety of mediums and practice as designers and makers. We also have a full-time technician who supports the main workshop.

Clifton has a well-equipped Design and Technology Department that includes design studios, two computer rooms with Adobe, Graphics and CAD programs, scanners, digital cameras and light boxes. We have a plastics workshop that includes a laser cutter and the equipment for the manipulation of plastics.

We have a large workshop fitted out for wood and metal work, including a new foundry for casting aluminium. Our textiles workshop continues to evolve with the equipment needed for students to fully realise all aspects of their designs.