Calendars and Term Dates

Calendars and Term Dates

The starting dates for the Upper School are for boarders who should arrive no later than 8.00pm. They should report to their Houses immediately after their arrival in Bristol. Day pupils should arrive in time for registration the following morning. All pupils may depart at the times shown.


Latest Calendars 

Lent Term 2019: Lent Term Calendar

Term dates 2018/19

Lent Term 2019

8:00pm Tuesday 8 January –  3:30pm Thursday 28 March
Half Term: 1:00pm Friday 15 February – 9:30pm Sunday 24 February 

Summer Term 2019

8:00pm Tuesday 23 April –  6.30pm Thursday 4 July
Half-term exeat: 3:30pm Saturday 25 May – 9:30pm Sunday 2 June

Prep Commem. Friday 24 May
U/S Commem. Saturday 25 May

Term dates 2019-2020

These are now the confirmed 2019-2020 term dates, please click to view and download. (Opens in a new window)