Upper 6th news

The Upper 6th had always wanted to return to The Flying Saucers ceramic centre on The Triangle, having had a taste of the relaxing nature of painting pottery back in September.  We took them last week; the entire Upper 6th sitting round a large table chatting, painting and laughing for a couple of hours making memories and painting names and images on each others’ keepsakes.  We had a super time and then walked to Browns Restaurant to have supper.  We had an area of our own, time to catch up on news about each others’ lives and a superb array of food hit our taste buds.  This was a very special evening and taken at a time when the girls were able to enjoy and appreciate an evening off and together as a group.   Life will move quickly for them now as their major exams spring into action from this week and their social lives will become a little limited as revision will take over for the time being.  They can look forward to exciting times in the summer though as many of them have already made exciting schedules where they are meeting up with one another in Europe, Asia and other far flung parts of the world. At this point, I would like to thank all the Upper 6th parents for all their support of Hallward’s House and the staff over the years and we are looking forward to seeing you at Commem. Karen Pickles