Some frequently asked questions about the House System:

  • The House System is one of the greatest strengths of the outstanding pastoral care at Clifton College. Belonging to a House gives the children a secure base throughout the day as well as affording parents the opportunity of daily contact with their children's pastoral staff. Every child is part of a small tutor group within the House, and the tutor has a key role to play in the regular monitoring of his or her group's educational and social progress and development.

  • In the past, children were either boarders or day pupils. With today’s fluid lifestyles, parents may need their children to board once or twice a week, or for one or two weeks during the term. This has become known as ‘flexi boarding’, with the children becoming boarders for a limited amount of time. All boarding Houses have a limited amount of space for such arrangements. The earlier the request, the greater the chance it will be successful. A charge will be placed on the bill at the end of the term.

    Please note: The School does not provide lodgings for pupils other than in the school House system. 

  •  We have constructed an induction programme to help new boarders. We all feel anxious when confronted with new situations and your child will probably be no exception. Your child is bound to have moments when they feel down and miss you, and this is only natural. Be reassured: if we are worried about your child’s feelings, we will be the first to contact you.

  • Bumps and bruises can be dealt with by House staff and/or matrons, in the same way you would deal with them at home. The matrons are not nurses but do have basic medical knowledge and First Aid skills, and will always call the School Health Centre if needed.

    If your child is taken ill during the school day, he or she will be looked after in the House by the matron. If further care is needed, they will be taken to the Health Centre. 

  • Bullying is very rare at Clifton, and is taken very seriously. We want every pupil to come to school feeling happy and ready to learn, and so we have a clear Anti-Bullying Policy.

    Please inform us of any issues in your child’s daily life. Pupils can report bullying direct to the Headmaster via a confidential email address.

  • You are welcome to telephone your child at sensible times, and will always be able to stay in touch via social media and email.

    Many children have mobile phones, and these are made available to the children at set times in the evening.

    If there is a crisis at home, please ring the Housemaster or Housemistress first to explain the problem. Together, we will work out the best way to pass the news to your child.

  • The short answer is yes.

    As well as the normal range of activities that take place, we offer a Saturday activity slot which adds to the depth and the range of experiences on offer. Typically there are options of: junior pop group; scrabble club; perudo club; ICT; swimming support; gym club; zoo club; creative writing; news club; multisports; jokes, games and puzzle club; and board games.