South Town

South Town

South Town is very much a 'home-from-home' for our girls during the day. We are open from 8:00am to 6:00pm, during which time the House is their base between lessons and games sessions. We place great emphasis on creating a happy, co-operative atmosphere in which our girls can socialise together and participate in activities across the year groups. We are keen that 'South Towners' see themselves as part of a large family group as well as being important members of Clifton College Preparatory School.

We are fortunate to attract girls who exhibit a variety of talents: academic, artistic, musical and sporting. A number of our sportswomen have represented the school at national level in hockey, cross country and swimming. We are also proud to have many talented musicians, including one who presently plays in the National Children’s Orchestra. Most girls in the House play one or two musical instruments.

South Town House is open plan, at the heart of our House is the House Hall come sitting room where the girls can relax, listen to music and read. There are a wide range of activities on offer and the girls can play pool, table tennis or table football games. We have a café style kitchen that is open to the girls at all times and is used for after school cookery activities. The top floor of the House is an amazing dance / drama studio that we are able to use for fun dance sessions during breaks.

The girls have a dedicated area to complete prep and school work, with eight computers and personal lockers to store possessions and books throughout the School day.

Blessed with enthusiastic, energetic girls and House staff, the girls are encouraged to help organise Charity functions, House competitions, co-curricular activities and trips to outside events. It is encouraging to witness how quickly they develop a strong House spirit and identity.