North Town Day And Boarding House

North Town

North Town

At North Town House, the role of the House Master and other staff is to help the boys organise and manage their school day whilst providing a warm and inclusive environment where each member of the house and his family feels welcome and valued.

The House was built to accommodate between fifty-five and sixty boys and, of course, this number varies from year to year.  On the ground floor, we have the main Assembly Room for House assemblies and Prep sessions, a snooker room come lounge, a computer room with six computers, a library, a Games room for board games and model-making, and the Study. We also have the Common Room where the boys from North Town have the opportunity to socialise with girls from South Town. Downstairs, we have the changing rooms and showers.

Our ethos in North Town is ‘RESPECT’. The respect for each individual, where we try and maintain a delicate balance between a firm framework and the space in which to allow each boy the opportunity to grow as an individual. Every year we have a wonderful blend of academics, musicians, artists and sportsmen in the House, and it is always rewarding to share in the development of each boy as he prepares for the challenges of Upper School.

The successful running of the House depends on all the staff, pupils and parents working closely together, and this ‘family’ approach enables the boys to benefit from being in a large school with excellent facilities but, also, to be a member of a smaller social unit.