Mathematics has a proud tradition at Clifton College. Proficiency in maths encourages the development of valuable, transferable skills, and the Teachers in the Mathematics Department hope all children will get as much out of the subject as they can, whatever their age and whatever their level of competence.

We encourage children to have as much positive contact with Mathematics as possible, and hope they will enjoy the process of learning about the subject. We help them experience a variety of presentations and methods of approaching the subject, which foster a spirit of enquiry into the possibilities and even awe at their findings.


Emphasis is placed on the skills of Numeracy and Mental Arithmetic, with written calculations being delayed until the children’s level of competence is suitable for their introduction. Calculators are gradually introduced at appropriate stages, but not as a substitute for mental and written techniques, and  computers are used for investigative and statistical work. Investigative work and practical tasks are used as teaching media, with the aim that the subject not be bound solely by published texts, but rather delivered from a variety of standpoints.

Why Study at Clifton College?

Most pupils regularly use Mathletics in their lessons and are encouraged to use this website at home too. All have a username and password. 

In all Year groups, pupils cover the syllabus at a rate appropriate to their ability, therefore the difference between most and least able will inevitably increase over time. It is our policy to challenge the most able pupils and encourage them to think beyond the basic textbook presentation, with an increasing independence of method gradually moving them away from reliance on pencil and paper techniques.