As well as being an integral part of other subjects, ICT is also taught as a discrete subject.

Our principal aims are to develop ICT capability, and give the students confidence in using ICT skills in different contexts, exploring new possibilities and communicating ideas.

Many of our specialist teachers are female, and girls are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of information technology, including programming.


Why study at Clifton College? 

We have first-class resources and offer a breadth of learning and expertise. For example, we were one of the first schools in the South West to offer examinations and certification in touch-typing.

Designing computer games is part of the curriculum, and we hold assemblies to discuss digital footprints and online etiquette.

We have close links with Bristol University and organise workshops in Programming and Lego Mind Storms. We also have close links with Apple Educators and have termly workshops with iPads.

We expect the highest standards at Clifton College, and we are fortunate enough to have teachers in this department who are extremely skilled.

Regular events include gaming and animation workshops, robotics workshops, technology fair, internet safety workshops for parents, iPad master class. 

We have state-of-the-art facilities. These include two suites for ICT teaching (one to one pupil access), 3D printing, Lego Mind Storms area, Google Apps, MS Office, Full Adobe Suite, Animation (Stop Motion), Digital Media, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Mobile Devices (iPads).